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It is said that weight loss is 80% diet and 20% exercise.  I am self motivated where food choices are involved (most of the time!), but I struggle with the exercise component of the equation.  It is a struggle for me to get up and out to walk, jog, hike, lift weights, or whatever.  My pups give me the sad face to get a walk (the sad puppy look gets me every time) and the chapter of Black Girls Run! here in Phoenix is working on me.  There are groups in most states.  I was supposed to join the group this morning for a run, but I overslept.  Argh!  I will make it happen though!  I am motivated to do this!  There is not a better group of ladies to be found.  I love you guys!

Are you interested in joining the group for camaraderie and motivation?  Check out the group here: http://www.blackgirlsrun.com/ 

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