Ditch the sugar…

Fitness In The City

It’s kinda refreshing to know that all the times I was feeling blue, or had a touch of the crazys about me, or one of the many times when I was so tired I was convinced I had chronic fatigue syndrome.. that it wasn’t ‘me’. It was the food.

High fives all round!

It was the lifestyle package of stress with a good side of adrenal fatigue, not enough sleep (but too much cortisol) and a whole lot of other bad  food choices that spiraled from this. That’s right, I wasn’t always a healthy gal simple (or partly) because of the poor food choices I was doing to my even poorer body.

Enter education, study, movement and clean food.

PMS? It’s what you are eating (or not eating) that contributes to this state of unbalanced hormones,  feeling angry and agitated for no real reason? Blame that sugar loaded meal you…

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