This is awesome recipe for Eggplant. The hilarious article is a great pick-me-up,

The Unorthodox Epicure

Roger Price, in his book In One Head and Out the Other (Ballantine, 1954), wrote “I had one grunch, but the eggplant over there.” I was introduced to the phrase by my radio mentor — the same man who once interrupted my complaining and said “Adam! That’s why they call it ‘work’!”

The eggplant phrase stuck with me for years. What was its meaning? What genius came up with this deep thought about aubergines? Enter the World Wide Web. Roger Price, as it turns out, was a popular mid-20th century humorist who wrote for the Bob Hope Show, among other things. Go figure. I was captivated by a non sequitur.

Eggplant showed up on my childhood menu on only a few occasions … mostly during the mid-70s at 1100 Berry Lane. It was sliced, salted, floured and fried. My memory tells a story of a bitter taste — a…

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