Your health not only pertains to your physical health, but also to your spiritual health, your mental health, your financial health, etc…  Happiness in your life plays a great part in the health of the whole person.  Are you happy with your job?  Are you happy with your personal relationships?  Are you happy with yourself.  What makes you happy?

Determine what makes you genuinely happy and do more of it.  If you like to draw, draw more.  If you like to read, read more.  Do whatever makes you happy.

What makes me happy?  What makes my heart sing?  What makes me smile?  My “What” translates to “Who” when I think of my #1 happiness trigger.  My #1 happiness trigger happens to be my children and my grandbabies (twins).  Hiking makes me happy.  My pups make me happy.  A good magazine makes me happy.  Good food and drink makes me happy.  Sedona, AZ makes me happy.  Helping others makes me happy.  There are so many things that make me happy, but none compares to my family.  What makes you happy?

My grandbabies (with their parents):

My daughters:

My son:

My shy baby boy:

My mom (with daughters):

My pups: