This is so true!

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On my drive to work this morning I was thinking about all the things I thought I couldn’t do.

I couldn’t commit to eating a certain # of calories (since I had such sporadic success on Weight Watchers). Today I am eating my number every day and I fill full. Yes I do have to think more about my choices but I never feel deprived. If I make good choices I stick to it with ease.

I couldn’t POSSIBLY exercise everyday. Guess what? I can and I do! I feel amazing after a sweaty barre class or a kick-ass circuit combo at the gym.

I thought maybe I was destined to be flabby for life. But I’m seeing definition emerge in shoulders, ankles etc. and I realize I CAN have a toned body in time.

Then I realized there is a BIG difference between can’t/couldn’t and won’t/wouldn’t. We make…

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