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I arose this morning excited to get out for my morning exercise.  It was cloudy outside, smelled of rain, and the ground was damp.  It was euphoric.  Why?  Because I live in Phoenix where it rarely rains and I absolutely love the rain!

I activated Pandora Music on my android along with MapmyHike (an application that tracks your calories, distance, and time for various exercises such as walking, hiking, etc…).  Again, an euphoric feeling came over me.  I had great music, accountability for my effort, and rain!  Yes, it began to rain as I jogalked (alternating intervals of jogging and walking).  No, jogalk, is not an official term, but it is MY terminology.  LOL

I completed 4.20 miles in an hour and two minutes with a feeling that I haven’t felt before.  It is almost indescribable.  No indoor exercise experience can compete with getting outdoors and “feeling” the air on your face, in your lungs, and in your soul.  The rain was surely an awesome catalyst to this feeling.  If only every morning could begin this way…..