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I have reached a scale plateau, but I am making progress according to the way my clothes fit and the way the dreaded belly looks.  My body composition  is obviously changing, even though the scale refuses to budge.

I am not diligent about weighing myself.  I normally avoid “the thing” because it always disappoints by not displaying the number that I expect to see according to my exercise and clean eating efforts.  I receive comments all the time about how thin I am.  I do appear thin, but the dreaded belly is a challenge in and of itself!  LOL

I know that I need to incorporate weight training and interval training, blah blah blah…  It will come.  I am concentrating first on Cardio to reduce the fat (the extra skin is another story), but I will soon incorporate the weights.  Clean eating is a constant for me.

I have decided that I will set a goal to complete a minimum of 30 miles this week (hiking, walking, jogalking, etc…).  My normal exercise lately consists of hikes and walks.  I haven’t been extremely consistent, but I have a goal to log those 30 miles this week.

Pandora Music and the MapMyHike app motivate and keep me company during my efforts.  I love the hour or so spent “Getting it in”, relaxing my mind, and getting away from it all.  It’s my time alone that is greatly needed to renew and refresh so that I can be all that I can be.  🙂